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Founded in 1998, the Pressflex group serves a wide range of publishers of various size in the UK, France, Switzerland, the U.S. and Hungary. Run by former publishers, Pressflex shares its clients’ vision and passion.


Executive staff

Henry Copeland
CEO, Pressflex LLC

Before founding Pressflex in 1998, Copeland, 40, created a successful portal for a nine-publication chain. Before that, Copeland edited the Budapest Business Journal and reported for publications including the International Herald Tribune, Euromoney and Details magazine. Between 1984 and 1991, Copeland worked on Wall Street as an institutional salesman of US Treasuries. He graduated from Yale University (BA History) in 1984.

Miklos Gaspar
Director, Pressflex (UK) Ltd.

Gaspar, 30, oversees the team of consultants who assist publishers in defining and dominating their respective Internet niches. Before co-founding Pressflex, Gaspar was a journalist and then edited a business weekly, where he doubled the editorial team and launched numerous new products. Gaspar completed chemistry and linguistics degrees with honors at Eotvos Lorand Egyetem, Hungary's top university.


Pressflex is built by graduates of the university that produced Rubik's cube, the atomic bomb, goulash, the carburetor, the four-wheel sprung carriage and the ball point pen. Pressflex's polyglot consultants deal with publishers across Europe.

Károly krt. 4., I./4.
H-1052 Budapest, Hungary
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Fax: +36 1 267 5461

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