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You can profit online in three months

In the black — Typical cost/revenue path for a small magazine's web site.

Put the web to work and drive print subscriptions more effectively

Tapping into 600 million Internet users, we generate strong subscription ROI for magazines. The Pressflex Marketing Engine is cheaper, faster and more effective subscription sales driver than conventional promotions, telemarketing or direct mail. After investing just £3,600 (€5,500), magazines can achieve a 200%-700% return on investment with our client-proven service.

For publishers seeking to improve an existing web strategy, the Pressflex Subscription Engine (£600 / €925 a year) integrates smoothly with existing web sites as well as with numerous secure online payment services.

Web sites help, not hurt, print readership

Cannibalization is a myth. Contrary to conventional wisdom, web sites are a great sales tool for publishers: sites with quality content excel in selling print subscriptions. Did you know that Economist.comsells more print subscriptions than web subscriptions on its fancy web site?

Our research among 95 lifestyle magazines indicates that putting print content online engages new readers and drives significant subscription sales.

We'll be glad to talk with you and see how we can help you leverage the web to increase your business. Please call our sales department at +36 1 328-0602 or e-mail us at:


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